Sponsorship & Fundraising Plan 



In order for us to be a leader in our community and the WACA Premier Cricket competition, we seek financial support to help us cover the ongoing expenses of running our club. We appoint a Director of Sponsorship to our committee whose role is to source sponsorship for the club. This can be through local businesses, players, past players, family members etc.


We offer our sponsors a choice of 3 different packages.

  1. Gold Sponsor – Major Sponsor

  2. Dragon Sponsor – Minor Sponsor

  3. Mini-Dragon Sponsor


Our target is to have one or more “Gold Sponsors” and four or more “Dragon Sponsors”. Our “Mini Dragon Sponsor” package is generally for businesses who cannot provide the financial amount of the higher sponsor packages, but do offer a smaller amount as well as items that the club can use in different ways (donations, prizes, vouchers etc.)


These packages vary in how their business is advertised through the club. We do this by advertising their businesses through our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website), displaying signage around our club facilities and on our club clothing. They are invited to all our social events to make them apart of our “Dragon Family”.


Our focus is to retain all current sponsors whilst continually looking for potential new sponsors.
We aim to have a good relationship with our sponsors so that they continue to support us in future years.

We have two levels of membership, playing and social, both have included benefits to the member and generates funds for the club.


We run several fundraising tools throughout the season. This can be done through holding social events, raffle draws, BBQ’s etc. This is arranged through of Social Committee and also relayed at our monthly meetings.


In addition to this we have an affiliation with the Australian Sports Foundations (ASF) whereby we can receive donations that are tax deductible above the value of $2.

Director of Sponsorship - Steve Dobson steve@dobsonassociates.com.au - 0417 097 241