Social events

This season Cam Becker, Liam Hindle and Ellis Cassidy have taken over as the Social coordinators.
Many thanks to Rashel Blazevich and Susan Bartlett for their tireless efforts in the past couple of years, it has been much appreciated by everyone involved.

We have some big plans for the season ahead and a main focus for us is getting around the club on Thursdays/Saturdays. Some strategies for that will be elaborated on going forward, we're excited for some big Saturday nights this summer.


Upcoming Dragon Events are: 


Thursday 1st of October - Official Senior Season Launch

This will also include the trophy presentations from last season so make sure to get down to Burrendah and get around proceedings.


Thursday 8th of October - Official Junior Season Launch

Again will be a combination of last years awards presentation and presenting the new squads for this season. More information to follow.


Saturday 10th of October - Dragon Pong

Makes its return on the first evening that all 4 teams have a fixture. More details to come but find a partner and get ready to sink some liquid-filled cups. After some outrageous finishes last year there promises to be more drama once again.

Sunday 13th of December - Double header T20 at Burrendah

Will be a big day for the club, more details to come.


Finally, Episode 1 of the Dragon's Lair Podcast has been released on streaming services.

Feel free to drop any feedback to one of us, anything and everything is welcome.

Plenty of exciting times ahead down at Dragon Park, so get around training in the next couple of weeks in the lead up to a massive first couple of weeks of the season!